Bringing Desktop to the Cloud

The VERDE™ suite is an end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure and management solution that combines online, offline and remote branch VDI solutions to remove the complexity and cost traditionally associated with desktop virtualization solutions.

The Three Cs of Virtualization: Cost, Complexity and Coverage


End-to-end desktop management solution combining virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), offline VDI (using an integrated client-side hypervisor) and remote branch solutions at a disruptive price point.


Key infrastructure elements including:

Servers and Clusters
Gold Master Images
AD/Directory Services
Shared Storage


Desktops hosted and managed in data center
Clients: PCs, Mac, Thin Clients & PDAs
VERDE Display protocol, RDP, Nx

VERDE Console

Web-based Administrator Console
Centralized Gold Master Image Management
User/Group policies
Clustered Servers & Distributed Connection Brokering


Desktops hosted on the local PC & managed from data center
Desktops hosted from USB stick and managed from data center
Clients: Virtualization technology (VT)-enabled hardened Linux PCs; PCs with VT’s
Bi-directional sync for user data


Analyst Papers:

Taneja Group Paper on 2nd Generation of VDI

In this profile we explore the drivers for and essential elements of second-generation VDI, and take a close look at Virtual Bridges’ VERDE solution.
Doing More with Less

We discuss the key obstacles that have prevented many mid- market businesses from deploying virtual desktop infrastructure and how next-generation virtual desktops like VDSB provide companies with a better user experience in an easier-to-deploy, easier-to-manage and more affordable desktop model.

Case Studies:

Case Study: US Military Base

This US government organization sought a way to improve security of end-user Linux desktops, reduce management costs and reduce capital expenses. The highly-classified environment includes developers conducing sensitive software programming and hardware development which require significant flexibility.
Case Study: University

With more than 25,000 students, spread across multiple campuses, this London-based university faced challenge to simplify the management of desktops. Making matters more complex, while much of the University used Windows systems, computer labs throughout the Engineering School were all outfitted with Linux machines.
Case Study: School District

With thousands of teachers and students across multiple campuses, one School District was caught in an annual cycle of replacing outdated PCs every summer. The School District sought a desktop virtualization solution that would improve IT efficiency, reduce labor costs, extend PC lifecycles and reduce security risks.
The Focus: Virtualization Cuts Desktop Support Costs

Like many other school districts, Winters Independent School District in Winters, Texas needed a solution to solve their desktop support costs. Virtualization and VDI was the answer.
Case Study: City Government

Doing more with less was the mandate. For this city, the team not only needed a solution to reduce costs, but also wanted to improve organization agility and ease the process of upgrading all PCs to Windows 7. An added challenge, with reduced headcount, all help desk requests needed to be handled in person, which often included driving to multiple sites.
Case Study: Technology Company

As a leader in the business processing outsourcing space, this firm services multinational corporations and government agencies across more than 100 countries. Due to the contracted/outsourced nature of the business and bring your own PC (BYOPC) philosophy, this firm required advanced security procedures, specifically all data at rest must be brought into the data center for centralized management and security.
Case Study: Migration to Windows 7

Support for Windows XP formally ends in April 2014. Fast-growth organizations that opt to deploy Windows 7 must migrate to ensure business growth, sustainability.
Case Study: Global Financial Institution

With 29,000 employees across more than 100 markets, a Global Bank needed to manage desktops centrally and remove the burden from the branches. And the bank wanted to provide greater flexibility and availability to mobile users and technical teams that often require multiple desktops.
Case Study: Education Service Center

A Regional Education Service Center faced growing financial burden and needed a way to reduce the quantity of refreshes, repurpose older, well-functioning PCs, improve security, and lessen the investment on licensing where applicable. The Center needed a new, more efficient way to manage more than 600 desktops located across the organization.
Case Study: Asset Management Firm

One of the largest Asset Management firms in the world needed a solution that would drive down the costs of desktop management, improve security and compliance and increase organization agility. They required remote access for investment professionals across multiple geographic regions, while adhering to critical compliance regulations. Supporting this structure has created both financial and resource burdens for the IT team.
Case Study: Winters ISD

By using VDI, Winters ISD in Winters, Texas, can now simplify the headache of desktop management in classrooms and labs, improve system control and security, and extend the life of aging PCs.
Case Study: McDonald’s

Taking advantage of the stability of Virtual Bridges technology combined with the ability to remotely administer systems via Unix has made McDonald’s exceptionally successful in their IT strategies.


VERDE™ Suite Datasheet

VERDE offers unified management and reporting through a single console and is adaptable for today’s dynamic environment. Ideal for companies of all sizes, VERDE can scale up to ten thousand clustered servers or scale down to a single-server configuration.
VERDE™ LEAF Datasheet

VERDE Live Environment Access Format (LEAF) provides both connected (remote virtual desktop sessions) and disconnected (locally cached and executed on the client machine) access. With LEAF, mobile users have access to the exact same desktop image, whether
they are connected locally or remotely via a laptop or other device.

Solution Overviews:

VDI for Linux

It’s your desktop. It’s your choice. Virtual Bridges VERDE is the industry’s only purpose-built virtual desktop solution – offering branch, offline and connected VDI for BOTH Linux and Windows – all for one-third the cost.
Green Data Center: P-12 Solution Overview

VERDE is designed for school districts wrestling with budget constraints, aging desktops, small support staffs and increasing technology demand. With innovative virtual desktop management and provisioning solutions from Virtual Bridges, Green Data Center solves this challenge, enabling IT to balance budget constraints with increasingly rapid changes in technology.
Saas Orchestration Overview

Organizations need a more effective way to enjoy the scalability and ease of installation from SaaS, while also effectively managing their critical client/server based applications.
Windows 7 Solution Overview

Windows 7 migration is not a simple task. This transition is placing heavy burdens on organizations across the world. Learn how to minimize the disruptions and costs.
VDI for K-12

Virtual Bridges VERDE is designed for school districts wrestling with budget constraints, aging desktops, small support staffs and increasing technology demand.
VERDE Overview for MIT Symposium

Virtual Bridges was selected as a finalist in the 2011 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Innovation Showcase, which highlights ten early stage companies that provide cutting-edge technology and offer new levels of value and advancement to enterprise IT. Virtual Bridges VERDE, is the industry’s first “VDI Gen 2” solution to be selected.
IBM Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktop for Smart Business (VDSB), a workforce mobility offering by IBM and powered by VERDE software from Virtual Bridges, provides anytime, anywhere access to personal desktops from mobile devices – including tablets, netbooks, laptops and thin clients.
Virtual Bridges, NetApp and SHI

NetApp’s storage solutions combined with Virtual Bridges VDI Gen2, offer the versatility, high quality and affordability to successfully grow your virtual desktop environment. Supported by SHI’s world class service, this solution reduces the risks and costs normally associated with the first generation of VDI solutions.


How to Cut VDI Storage Costs with VERDE Storage Optimizer

A significant drawback to large VDI deployments is the need for extensive and costly storage. VERDE Storage Optimizer cache I/O technology from Virtual Bridges takes a completely new approach to caching, dramatically reducing network traffic to optimize storage, boost performance, and cut costs.
How to Integrate Linux into VDI Environments

A successful VDI solution must be able to deliver both Windows and Linux user desktops to all of the most popular endpoint computing devices, including PCs, Macs, thin clients, netbooks, tablets, and PDAs. VDI Gen2 solutions from Virtual Bridges address the Windows-Linux desktop mix by allowing organizations to run both Linux and Windows 7 in parallel, along with legacy Windows XP desktops.
VDI Gen2 Quick Reference Guide

Learn the top 5 questions to ask a VDI vendor before making a purchase.
Briefing Paper: How VDI Gen2 Addresses Branch Users

Delivering a high-quality desktop experience to branch-office users with first-generation VDI has proved virtually impossible. But VDI Gen2 re-engineers VDI from the ground up, providing a LAN-like experience for branch office users.
Briefing Paper: Avoiding the Top 3 Pitfalls of VDI

VDI offers huge potential is cost savings and desktop control, only if it is done correctly. Learn how to avoid the major pitfalls.
Briefing Paper: VDI 101

The era of stateful endpoint management is over. VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – offers a fresh
look at desktop management, delivering secure access to personal desktops. Anytime. Anywhere.
Briefing Paper: Addressing the Disconnected User

We address the top 10 challenges of offline VDI through an integrated solution that addresses not just issues of management and remote use, but reduces costs, increases security, and reduces the management load on IT.

Webinars on Demand (Registration Required)

Linux Virtual Desktops and Thin Clients

In this on-demand Webinar, Virtual Bridges CTO, Leo Reiter, will walk you through the architecture and the entire experience of VERDE, our 100% Linux-based VDI solution. You will also learn about VERDE Thin Client, a way to repurpose existing legacy PCs into a thin client Linux device, included in VERDE.
What’s New in VERDE 5.5: Overview

In this on-demand Webinar, Virtual Bridges CTO, Leo Reiter, will provide a quick overview and demonstrate the new features and capabilities found in the latest release of VERDE 5.5.
The Pendulum Swings: The Case for Branch VDI

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how VERDE Replicated Cloud Branch enables you to push processing power back to remote locations while keeping it inside the management envelope of the datacenter, removing the management burdens from the remote locations.
IBM Virtual Desktops Video

IBM Virtual Desktops for Smart Business is designed for mid-size businesses so you can manage IT more productively.
The Top 3 Pitfalls to VDI and How to Avoid Them

Desktop virtualization requires a fresh strategy to address it wide range of use cases. Virtual Bridges CEO, Jim Curtin takes you through the top three pitfalls of VDI and how to avoid them.
Virtual Bridges for K-12

How do you support increasing technology demands with budget cuts? Leo Reiter, Co-founder, CTO of Virtual Bridges will show you a VDI solution for K-12.

Interactive Demos

Windows 7 Migration — See It in Action

View an interactive Flash Demo that explains how Virtual Bridges can allow you to migrate to Windows 7 within minutes


SaaS Orchestration — See It in Action

View an interactive Flash Demo that explains how Virtual Bridges can help you manage hybrid environments of traditional and SaaS applications


Company Videos

Jim Curtin, Virtual Bridges, Video Interview from Pulse

Jim Curtin, CEO discusses virtualizing desktops to maximize compliance, security and agility in an interview from Pulse.



DABCC Radio: Virtual Bridges VERDE: Desktop Virtualization (VDI) Generation 2 Podcast with Jim Curtin – Episode 143

Host Douglas Brown talks with Jim Curtin, CEO of Virtual Bridges about Desktop Virtualization (VDI) Gen2.