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Test components

The Xena test platform provides a flexible and high port count L2-3 test platform that easily interfaces to 3rd party applications and test software including XenaMation and Veryx ATTEST. Clients connect with standard Ethernet GigE interfaces to the test
platform, with support for remote access using IP addressing. Xena’s wire speed test modules are provided in high-density 1U (XenaCompact) and 4U (XenaBay) chassis form factors, with full support for multi-user environments for both interactive GUI, MS Excel, and automated script based test sessions.

Stream oriented traffic generation

Users can define and generate hundreds of transmit and receive streams with their own unique traffic profile. Each stream can generate 100k’s of unique traffic flows by using programmable packet field modifiers to increment or randomize field values such as IP addresses or VLAN identifiers. This makes it easy to scale your tests beyond the maximum performance parameters of your network or device.

The stream rate can be defined as a percentage of line rate, frames per second, bit-rate, and the injection of packets can be controlled as a single-packet shot, number of packets, time duration, or in continuous mode. Traffic profiles can be defined as uniform or bursty, and custom packet editing is facilitated by a graphically driven field editor that lets users build any packet format, in addition to predefined packet templates for Ethernet, Ethernet II, VLAN, ARP, IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, LLC, SNAP, GTP, ICMP, RTP, RTCP, STP, or fully specified by user.

Real time analysis and reporting

Packet flow statistics are tracked per stream, or per-user defined filters which can include any combination of programmable field values. Incoming packet streams are automatically identified using optionally auto inserted Test Payload fields. Analysis of traffic throughput, latency, jitter, loss, sequence, and misorder errors is performed real-time per received stream with 16/32 ns accuracy depending on the interface type (optical/electrical).

Users can capture packets at wire speed on each port for detailed analysis and export to 3rd party packet analysis tool WireShark, which in conjunction with event triggering and programmable filters provides a unique ability to identify and isolate performance issues.

API scripting from any tool environment

An open specification text based API allows the user to script for test automation purposes from any tool and scripting environment, only requiring that the scripting environment support text and line-based TCP/IP communication.

Any changes made through the API are automatically reflected on the GUI. This unique and easy to use scripting-from-anywhere concept lets the user access the Xena test platform from any proprietary or commercial scripting environment based on languages such as Tcl, Python, VBA, or Java development environments, using wrapper to convert from existing Tcl/Python/VB/Java APIs to the generic Xena API.

MS Excel program for test case execution, and reporting

As an alternative for GUI and script based test case execution, the user can configure, execute, and log statistics using a standard MS Excel program. The MS Excel templates provided by Xena use VBA to communicate with the test equipment using Xena’s TCP/ IP scripting language, and is a very powerful means for operating the equipment for anyone familiar with MS Excel.

XenaCompact Series

The XenaCompact is a series of 1U chassis solutions covering a complete suite of copper and optical 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet,  10-Gigabit Ethernet, 40-Gigabit Ethernet, and 100-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

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XenaBay Modular Chassis Series

The XenaBay is a modular 12-slot chassis solution providing industry-leading density and lowest power consumption per test port. It supports 72 x 1 or 10 Gbps ports, or 12 x 40 Gbps ports, or 6 x 100 Gbps ports in a 4U form factor.

The XenaBay Test Modules are identical to the test modules which are integrated into the XenaCompact series, so the feature set of the XenaBay series is identical to the XenaCompact series, except for the physical form factor and power consumption.

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XenaManager GUI and Scripting Software Framework

XenaManager is the free software that you use to generate and analyze traffic on the Xena test equipment. XenaManager supports an unlimited number of end users and multi-user environments. It is provided free of charge with all Xena testers and supports standard IETF RFC test suites and has a complete scripting command language for accessing all Xena tester features.

Every Xena chassis has a dedicated standard 1G Ethernet management port connecting the chassis to an IPv4 network, through which the equipment can be discovered by the XenaManager software. Hardware resources can be reserved down to test port level granularity from multiple simultaneous XenaManager sessions. XenaManager makes it easy for lab managers to perform software and firmware upgrades, eliminating the need to directly interface with the equipment.

All features of the Xena equipment can be enabled and accessed from XenaManager, which provides interfaces for configuring chassis and test port properties, defining advanced traffic streams for traffic generation, specifying filters for incoming traffic, performing real-time capture of packets, and for displaying and analyzing traffic statistics. XenaManager’s packet editor function supports both standard protocols and byte-level packet definitions.

TIP: Visit YouTube for a quick guided tour of XenaManager:

1. This video shows you how to download, install, connect and set up a stream in less than 5 minutes.

2. This video shows you some tips and tricks for using the XenaManager GUI.


  1. Multi-user sharing of chassis resources down to port level
  2. Central management of multi-chassis testbed environments
  3. Explorer-based and front-panel layout view of testbed configurations
  4. Import/export of test case configurations
  5. Chassis software and firmware upgrades without needing to interface directly with the equipment
  6. Packet editor with support for both protocol and byte-level packet definitions
  7. Automatic protocol decoding of incoming packets
  8. RFC 2544 test suite with automatic report and chart generation in standard formats
  9. Interchangeable operation between GUI and scripting environment

MEF testing with Veryx ATTEST on Xena hardware

An affordable, high-performance platform for IP & Ethernet load stress, protocol conformance & functional verification testing.

Innovative, comprehensive & cost-effective

Xena Networks and Veryx Technologies have created an innovative Ethernet test platform that combines Xena’s high performance, wire-speed Ethernet test hardware with Veryx’s broad portfolio of IP & Ethernet functional and conformance test suites. The result is an open, scalable, low-cost and highly customizable test platform that enables equipment and network test engineers to:

• Select (and pay for) only the Ethernet test capabilities needed
• Conduct Ethernet OAM testing in a transportable form factor
• Deploy Ethernet test capabilities as low-cost test “infrastructure”

Choose the test capabilities you need right now – with complete confidence that as
your needs grow you can easily and cost-effectively scale the number and types of
test ports, as well as add additional test suites.

Solve these problems

Choosing Veryx’s ATTEST test solutions embedded on optimized Xena hardware helps you:
• Continue to enhance network device functionality and support newer protocol standards across multiple product lines in shorter timeframes

• Characterize load stress performance of network devices in terms of throughput, latency, loss and sequence/misordering errors
• Ensure that new network devices meet compliance and performance requirements prior to deployment
• Understand data forwarding behavior of switch ports when presented with data flows containing both valid and malformed packets
• Verify device capability in handling data on selected interfaces at wire-speed
• Investigate network device behavior when handling valid and invalid protocol messages

Veryx’s Extensive Set of ATTEST Test Suites

Veryx’s ATTEST Test Suites enable functional & protocol conformance testing of IP/Ethernet networks & devices.

Xena’s High Performance Hardware Platform

Xena provides a flexible, high-performance hardware
platform for a wide variety of Ethernet test applications.


XenaCompact Series

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