How would SwiftTest fit into my Storage Device testing environment?

If you’re testing a storage device, you likely simulate client traffic using tens or even hundreds of servers. And the software you use to generate the load may be difficult to maintain, inflexible, and require expensive licenses and hardware. With SwiftTest, you replace or augment your servers and simulate a variety of load types at high volume by using the SwiftTest Test Development Environment to generate client traffic from one or more ports.

How would SwiftTest fit into my Storage-Aware Network Device testing lab?

SwiftTest appliances are perfect on both sides of the network, with ports configured as either client or fileserver. If you’re testing a storage-aware network device you can replace both your client systems and fileserver with a SwiftTest appliance. Simply configure some ports as client and some as server, then use the SwiftTest Test Development Environment to configure and run your tests.

Putting Networked Storage to The Test


SwiftTest’s high-performance appliances feature ports that are configurable as either client or fileserver.

Generate high-volume CIFS/SMB, NFS, iSCSI, and HTTP traffic in any combination.

SwiftTest 5000

The SwiftTest 5000 appliance is designed for high-volume 10 Gigabit Ethernet test environments, with two 10GE ports capable of supporting 34Gbps of full-duplex traffic

Figure: SFP+ transceivers are provided for both 10GbE interfaces.

SwiftTest 3000

The SwiftTest 3000 appliance and software solution can deliver 14 Gbps of full-duplex traffic over eight (8) Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Figure: The eight ports are RJ45 copper GbE interfaces.

The two platforms allow equipment manufacturers and enterprises to faithfully emulate complex, real-world traffic patterns to validate the capabilities of data storage systems, network devices and large file systems.


Test Development Environment: A Quick Tour

Get a video overview of the SwiftTest TDE, our intuitive interface that provides easy test configuration and real-time reporting. View full size.

SwiftTest Development Environment Tour from SwiftTest on Vimeo.