Qosmotec Software Solutions is the most flexible provider of standardized and customizable test systems for mobile communication networks. The Qosmotec concept embraces the entire range of network verification via test automation and unattended test execution. It enables network operators and infrastructure vendors to test their complex systems faster, more thoroughly and at lower expense. All solutions can be used as stand-alone tools or as integrated components in your test environment. Custom-tailored adaptations or integration of third party equipment are possible at any time, so that your test results reveal the precise data needed.

Lab Test System LTS

Do you still employ a huge team of testers to manually test services or handsets?
Testing consumes about 40% of the software development lifecycle, and 80% of all tests are regression tests. Hence, automation of regression tests can achieve significant reductions of development costs and shorten time to market.

The purpose of LTS is to fully automate your lab tests, controlling commercial or test mobiles as well as supplementary test equipment, such as the Qosmotec AIS, protocol analysers or signalling generators, and even the network switches, in a synchronous test campaign. Test suites are stored in a database and can be replayed at any time. By controlling hundreds of mobiles, LTS can also be used as end-to-end load generator.

LTS performs the job of a whole team of testers upon a keypress.

Lab Test System – Field Adaptation LTS-F

Do you know, how your customers perceive the quality of your network?
You can wait for the customers to complain or leave to competitors – or you can take their point of view and act proactively rather than react.LTS-F takes the capabilities of Qosmotec’s LTS system into the field. Fully compatible with LTS, LTS-F controls numerous mobiles installed in small probes that can be installed at fixed network locations, or mounted in vehi-cles. Their operation is fully remote-controlled from the LTS-F server in your O&M centre. This means, you can install the probes in distant net-work sites, vehicles of public transportation, broker fleets, and even abroad for out-bound roaming tests. The probes can be contacted at any time via wired (ISDN, LAN) or wireless (GPRS, UMTS, WiFi) connection for test case upload or result download in near real-time. Mobile probes log their GPS coordinates and LTS-F shows you, where tests have passed or failed.

Lab Test System – Portable (LTS-P)

Do you have the permanent overview of your network services and network quality in cities as well as suburban areas?
For permanent supervision and systematic trouble-shooting by verification ofproblems on-site, drive and walk tests are indispensable.LTS-P provides automatic testing and air interface monitoring capabilities in a portable system, enabling you to execute test & measurement sessions anywhere at any time. Up to eight mobiles are controlled simultaneously to execute test cases in conjunction. The synchronous execution of tests with several mobiles in one system also allows benchmarking of different mobiles or networks.

Lab Test System – Mobile Trace Client (LTS-µ)

You need nothing else but a mobile phone for testing
LTS-µ is a Symbian-based software application that is installed on a handset. There it collects radio parameters and lower layer measurements for immediate monitoring and logs all data for processing at a later time by other tools.

Qosmotec’s Propagation Effects Replicator (QPER)

Radio transmissions in real network environments are affected by various types of disturbance. On the way from sender to receiver, the signal is delayed by up to 100 microseconds due to its finite propagation speed. Radio waves that reflect at obstacles reach the receiver via paths of different delay, blurring the incoming data bits (delay spread) and causing rapidly varying power fluctuations when the receiver or transmitter is moving (multipath fading).

Air Interface Simulator (AIS)

How do you simulate wireless mobility in a lab?
The Qosmotec Air Interface Simulator (AIS) simulates aspects of the air interface which are of utmost importance for network or terminal validation in a laboratory environment, where radio signals must be conveyed in shielded coaxial cables. It can be applied to tests of network as well as terminal equipment.AIS is inserted into the coaxial links between real mobiles and base stations or base station simulators to simulate essential effects of signal propagation through open space, such as the free space path loss, slow or fast fading, drop-outs and various handover situations.

Qosmotec’s Universal Analyzer for Network Traces (QUANT)

QUANT is an effective and easy-to-use PC-based protocol analyzer for GSM / GPRS / EDGE / WCDMA / TD-SCDMA / HSPA / SS7 / IMA / WiMax networks. It is a portable and powerful tool for protocol monitoring, call and session analysis as well as for call trace and decoding. QUANT constitutes a highly efficient and reliable solution for network development, testing, performance evaluation, optimization and simulation. It can be applied in various development stages including network setup, maintenance and optimization with high portability and excellent cost-benefit-ratio.