Products Beyond the Ordinary

Whether you are an OEM or end user, you no longer have to compromise and make do with generic solutions or computer equipment that was not designed for your high-end applications. By choosing NextComputing, you can take advantage of high performance, customized solutions with the following key attributes:

  • Portability – The majority of our solutions deliver the power of enterprise-class workstations and servers in a small, portable package.
  • Computing Density – Many situations require a solution that packs more computing power into a smaller space than traditional rackmount servers or other portables to maximize power consumption and performance-per-cubic-inch.
  • Custom Form Factors – If it doesn’t exist, we can create a solution for your specific applications or market — right down to testing, labeling, and helping you bring products to market.

In addition, many of our products leverage our FleXtreme architecture. This unique approach combines open standards and commercial off the shelf (COTS) software and hardware, high-end processors, memory and graphics in a flexible, modular architecture. As a result, it is quick and easy for us to build customized solutions and upgrade components over the life of the system so you maximize return on investment while lowering total cost of ownership.


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At NextComputing, our product portfolio includes a wide variety of high performance systems including:

Portable workstations with PCI expansionPortable Workstations

The NextDimension and Radius series portables pack workstation/server level computing performance and incredible internal storage into briefcase-sized systems designed for travel.

ruggedized portable workstationsRugged Portables

Our Vigor series of rugged portables serve mission-critical applications requiring high performance and reliability for field deployment.

Fast notebooksNotebook

The NextBook17i offers the performance capabilities of a desktop workstation or server, in a lightweight, portable form.

High density rackmountsDense Rack Mount Servers

The NextServer series of modular and dense computing rack systems meet the needs of professional users who require features beyond traditional server systems.