iCSA Overview

intelligent Customer Service Assurance (iCSA)

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Next-generation of network traffic monitoring for Converged Networks

Accantos intelligent Customer Service Assurance platform, recent recipient of both Frost and Sullivans Product Line Strategy of the Year award and Oracles Partner Innovation award, is an advanced network traffic monitoring and troubleshooting system designed to help operators overcome the complexities of introducing advanced voice and data services in converged multi-protocol, multi-technology environments.  Accanto intelligent customer service assurance (iCSA) provides state-of-the-art network traffic monitoring, alarming, reporting, analysis and troubleshooting capabilities for both legacy and next-generation telecom services.

Accanto intelligent customer service assurance (iCSA) consists of 3 main elements

Pantera System Probes Real-time data capture and xDR generation… also serves as standalone protocol analyzers

Centralized TAMS Server Mass data collection, correlation, KPI/KQI generation and long-term storage for historic analysis and reporting

X-Ray Application Modules Oracle-powered deep analysis for correlation of network, service, subscriber and device

Pantera System Probes

Accanto iCSA utilizes the field-proven Pantera protocol analyzer/probe family, which allows scaling to virtually any size network or topology.  Accanto probes continuously monitor the network & services, generating information related to any transaction, and immediately forwards this information to the centralized TAMS server for analysis and storage.

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Probes at a glance:

  • Multi-protocol/test, remotely accessible
  • Advanced protocol analysis for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, CDMA 2000/EVDO, and VoIP/IMS
  • Real-time data capture
  • xDRs (CDR, TDR, IP-DR,) generation and forwarding for both successful and unsuccessful calls/transactions

Centralized TAMS Collection Server

Accantos TAMS (Traffic Analysis & Monitoring System) monitors real-time data from the network and services (collected by the distributed probes), and provides detailed reports, statistics and alarms as well as in-depth troubleshooting capabilities.

TAMS also correlates signaling procedures (Control Plane) with the actual services (User Plane), the results of which are used to generate customized network and service-related KPIs/KQIs for OSS/BSS application feeding.

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TAMS at a glance:

  • Centralized server for Probe inputs
  • Surveillance (Real time xDR-based traffic alarms , Network status maps)
  • Advanced troubleshooting (Real-time multi-environment correlation, Call tracing, xDR-to-frame capability)
  • OSS Integration (KPI generation and forwarding to external Service Quality Management, Fault Management, Performance Monitoring, and Revenue Assurance systems)

X-Ray Application Modules

These modules are based on the Oracle Business Intelligence and add deep analysis & correlation capabilities across network, service, devices and subscriber inputs. In essence, X-Ray modules transform TAMS from a network monitoring system to a full Customer Service Assurance solution providing the NOC and Customer Care a clear window into how end-users are actually experiencing the services.

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X-RAY modules at a glance:

  • User activity monitoring (connect services to users)
  • Performance monitoring (Network and Device perspectives)
  • Surveillance for the NOC (Real-time dashboards and KPI alarms)
  • Integration of OSS/BSS, CRM and Trouble Ticketing systems

Mobile X-Ray is now widely adopted and has won multiple awards and accolades from industry organizations and media, including the Oracle PartnerNetwork Innovation Award.

iCSA – A Fully Integrated and Customizable System

Accanto’s iCSA System is a flexible, customizable solution that can start with standalone protocol analyzers and scale up to large distributed monitoring systems that integrate with CRM, OSS, BSS and Customer Care systems.