Infiniload™ L2-L7 Converged Network Testing Appliance

and Accessories

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As today’s networks, applications and services are quickly converging to a single IP based infrastructure, the demands for network based validation solution increases and existing test solution fall behind to meet the challenges of performance, cost and feature set. Infinicore Infiniload™ testing solution is a purposefully built, high performance and cost effective solution that helps customers meet their testing demands.

Infiniload testing solution contains three members with unprecedented TCO and ROI: The base model Infiniload-220E provides dual 10G SFP+ and dual 1G tri-speed RJ-45 interfaces to test your network. Infiniload-220E-SSD doubles the memory capacity to 16G bytes as well as an additional SSD drive. [More Info…]

Flow Director Traffic Management Appliance

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Infinicore™ Flow Director series product represents a new tool set to help network administrator to operate, monitor and debug their networks effectively and effortlessly. Infinicore™ Flow Director allows network administrator to map, tap, tag, replicate and load balance their traffic across any input and output ports and enables network administrators to cost effectively improve their network with advanced monitor, security and forensic functionalities without risks of service disruption.

Infinicore™ Flow Director can also be used in conjunction with Infiniload™ Traffic Generators to form cluster in order to simulate cloud scale traffic and greatly improves sharing of test equipments across teams and projects.[More Info…]

InfiniSwitch 1/10Gbps High Performance Low Latency Switch

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As enterprise network and data centers continue to expand, demands to the bandwidth increases overwhelmingly. Infiniswitch™ family of switches can be easily deployed to your network to help meet the bandwidth demand economically. Empowered by the latest switch silicon and Infinicore™’s innovative InfiniOS software, customers will benefit from the high throughput, low latency from their network as well as easy to use management user interface.

InfiniSwitch supports integration with Open vSwitch, which allows customer to customize their network in a programmable and adaptive fashion. It helps network operators to expand the functionality along with the growth of their networks. [More Info…]