Harmony Overview  - Bulk Call Generator
The emutel™|Harmony Bulk Call Generator and network simulator is a highly efficient, cost-effective and flexible tool, invaluable for use in the development, performance verification and pre-deployment testing of many types of VoIP, ISDN and analog equipment.
emutel™|Harmony combines comprehensive load testing and network simulation capabilities, detailed protocol analysis, extensive call statistics and quality of service measurements in an easily affordable and user-friendly package.
An advanced Bulk Call generator, the emutel™|Harmony’s modular architecture provides a powerful, robust platform that can be tailored to meet your current testing requirements and expanded to include additional options as your needs evolve. A single system can provide anything from 1 to 15 ethernet interfaces, 8 to 120 E1/T1 interfaces, 16 to 240 analog interfaces or any combination of the above.
emutel™|Harmony provides an integrated IP platform allowing you to completely surround a device under test. This wrap-around performance testing enables end-to-end call routing and ensures seamless communication between IP-based equipment and legacy networks.
An extremely dependable platform, emutel™|Harmony provides a consistently high performance level no matter how many line cards are added to the system. Product measurements may be consistently repeated providing accurate performance benchmarking.
Not only does the emutel™|Harmony enable you to stretch your budget further by offering great value for money, but it can also significantly reduce time to market and ensure you obtain the quickest possible return on your investment.
A suite of powerful and intuitive Windows based applications lets you quickly and easily design, run and review test sequences on the emutel™|Harmony:
The Harmony Composer application has a unique drag-and-drop functionality providing a painfree approach to writing complex test scripts. Simply choose from an extensive gallery of call components, set the required parameters for each component and compile the script.
The Harmony Conductor is the control application which lets you run scripts and view call statistics, call rates, QoS measurements and Protocol Analysis.
Test results and analysis are clearly presented in both tabular and graphical format enabling you to easily pinpoint and rectify any performance, protocol or functional difficulties. Results can be recorded and exported to other standard applications for further review and analysis.
emutel™|Harmony allows high capacity testing generating up to 75,000 simultaneous SIP calls, 15,000 simultaneous H.323 calls or 3,600 ISDN calls per system. When running Bulk Call tests, you can achieve rates of over 6 million ISDN calls per hour, 4 million SIP calls per hour and 1 million H.323 calls per hour.

Soft Harmony – Powerful SIP and H.323 Call Generator USB dongle
Testing SIP & H.323 using our Call Generator now available as Soft | Harmony that can be used to turn any PC into a test platform. Using two PCs, one to become the SoftHarmony test platform, and one running Windows to run the Harmony Windows Application Suite. Any PC may be converted into a Soft | Harmony product by booting from the Soft | Harmony USB stick.
Bulk SIP call generation
Easy setup with basic PC configuration
Testing UA, Proxy, Redirect Server
Verifying protocol compliance
Regression testing
Inexpensive tool for troubleshooting customer VoIP network
Exhaustive statistics, call records, graphs
Well integrated with Emutel Harmony Control software
Sip and H323 Packet capture for analysis
Soft | Harmony's SIP and H323 Call Generation and Termination Capabilities
Soft | Harmony has strong Call Generation and Termination capabilities designed to be as comprehensive as possible.
Using the Soft | Harmony 'Composer' application, scripts can be quickly created to generate high volumes of calls.
Once calls are established they can be cleared down straight away or held active for any period of time to simulate different call lengths.
The Soft | Harmony is also capable of terminating calls, so testing of all aspect of any piece of equipment can be carried out.


Symphony Overview – ISDN Simulation
The fully featured Primary rate ISDN Simulator Emutel™ | Symphony uses the industry standard ISDN chip set for reliability and accuracy.
The Symphony is the second generation of our ISDN simulators which have been used all over the world by telecoms development professionals for almost 20 years.
Please feel confident and relaxed to contact us - we will be pleased to discuss your testing reqirements and explain our comprehensive range of test platforms to insure the Symphony is the correct choice for you.
The system can be expanded with the addition of more cards as shown below to build a very flexible and comprehensive simulation tool.

Arcaplex Horizon  – ISDN Multiplexer
Arcaplex | Horizon is a simple device for concentrating PRI, BRI and PSTN traffic onto a single PRI line to the central office.
Up to 1 PRI, 16 BRI and 32 PSTN connections are possible on the Arcaplex | Horizon. Two Arcaplex | Horizon units may be daisy chained to give higher levels of concentration.
Arcaplex | Horizon is a modular device which allows you to select the interface types best suited to your application.
Reduce your network costs, why rent many expensive BRI lines when a single Primary rate ISDN (PRI) line offers lower rental and installation costs per channel. In most countries it is possible to have a part-enabled PRI interface which will only incur rental charges for the number of channels required.
Why start adding more BRI lines to your network when a PRI or part-enabled PRI line will give you additional growth potential with lower cost per channel than adding more costly BRI lines.
Save on your line rental and at the same time build your telephone network for the future. Once a part-enabled PRI line is installed you can upgrade your system by adding additional channels to the PRI line without the need for time consuming installation of BRI lines.


Arcareach Sigma – S to U converter
Arcareach | Sigma is an inverse NT-1 that changes an S interface (NT side) into a U interface (LT side) and provides power feeding (70V) on the U interface.
Many digital PBXs offer ISDN S-bus interfaces as standard which can operate up to 0.9km (3000ft) under certain conditions. When there is a requirement for the S-bus to be located much further from the PBX the Arcareach | Sigma can be used to turn the S-bus interface into a U interface, supporting 2B1Q encoding.
Using Arcareach | Sigma an S interface can be extended up to 5km by installing an NT-1 at the far end.

Virtuoso – V.5 Simulator
V5 V5.1 and V5.2 emulation and test on the emutel™|Virtuoso.
emutel™| Virtuoso supports both V5.1 and V5.2 protocols including PSTN, BCC, LINK, PROTECTION GROUP 1 and PROTECTION GROUP 2. Up to 8 E1 connections are available for V5.1 / V5.2 and multiple V5.1 and V5.2 can be established simultaneously.

Maestro Overview – xDSL Simulator
emutel™|Maestro brings you the perfect solution for testing your DSL equipment. Connect to your product while still in your own testing lab and perform those final tests in a real environment, enabling you to identify and solve any problems before they occur on site.
emutel™|Maestro is a cost-effective network simulator for development, test and demonstration of ADSL, SHDSL and VDSL equipment. The emutel™|Maestro is a self-contained 2 port DSLAM simulator for ADSL, SHDSL and VDSL.
The fully flexible design of emutel™|Maestro supports different manufacturers' chipsets using independent plug-in modules. The unit can emulate different types of xDSL and is therefore ideal for product development and product testing.
Emutel™ | Maestro provides a standard platform to carry out performance testing, functional verification, interoperability and conformance testing of CPE equipment - all in one box!