The innovation of the Internet has created a tremendous worldwide opportunities for E-business and information sharing, but network security problems also come out. So the request of security will be the primary concerned for the enterprises. The PLANET UTM Content Security Gateway, a special designed of security gateway, can adopt Heuristics Analysis to filter spam and virus mail, and the auto-training system can raise identify rate of spam. The Anti-virus application has double virus scan engines – Clam and Sophos which can detect viruses, worms and other threats from transferring E-mail and Internet network. Moreover, the IDP and firewall functions can defense hackers and blaster attacks from Internet or Intranet. The complete function in one device can provide security solutions and the secure environment better than ever.
 Bandwidth Management Gateway
Model Description
BM-2101 Bandwidth Management Gateway
 Internet Fiber Router
Model Description
FRT-401 / FRT-401S15 / FRT-405 Internet Fiber Router with 4-Port Switch
FRT-401N / FRT-401NS15 / FRT-405N 802.11n Wireless Internet Fiber Router with 4-Port Switch
 Internet Monitor
Model Description
IM-1000 Internet Monitor
 Multi-Homing Security Gateway
Model Description
MH-5001 Multi-Homing UTM Security Gateway
 UTM Content Security Gateway
Model Description
CS-2000 UTM Content Security Gateway
CS-2001 UTM Content Security Gateway
 VPN Security Gateway
Model Description
SG-1000 VPN Security Gateway
 Wireless Gateway
Model Description
WSG-500 300Mbps Hotspot Wireless Subscriber Gateway